Более 5 лет юридическая фирма Левин и Партнеры успешно решаем задачи наших клиентов как в Москве, так и по всей России. Мы консультируем по различным областям права, оказываем помощь в подготовке и реализации сделок, предоставляем защиту в суде. Наша цель - долгосрочные отношения, с клиентами и гордость за качество и результат нашей работы.

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Поздравляем нашу сотрудницу Ларису Чан с 3-х летней годовщиной ее работы в нашей компании! Лариса безупречно делает свое дело и мы рады, что она с нами. We are thrilled to say she is part of our team! Find out more about Larissa and her practice here.

Упражнения в прекрасном

While Personal and Estate Planning can be complex and difficult for anyone to do, artists have the added burden and complexity of making specific provisions for their art to ensure their legacy. This blog post addresses some important items for an artist to consider while doing their estate planning, as well as provides some insight […]

Tipping in Washington State: FAQ for the Employer and Employee

I frequently receive questions about tipping from small business or restaurant owners and employees. The purpose of this article is to provide initial answers to a couple of common questions. As always, this is not intended to be legal advice and context is everything. If you have questions specific to your situation you should consult with […]

Attorneys Mike Longyear and Jason Burnett will be presenting at a CLE course on Probate Administration this Thursday, November 13th.  Mike Longyear is also co-chairing this program! This comprehensive course covers what you need to know from opening a probate to closing a probate and everything in between. Click this link for registration information and further event details!

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